About STARCARE Associates

Our Story: For more than three decades, STARCARE has catered to the financial needs of very special clients – many that face complex personal and financial situations that often require emotional clarity and support.

STARCARE’s predecessor was launched in 1976 with the goal of assisting clients in every aspect of their financial lives. Starting with the company name, STARCARE has evolved from its early emphasis on serving the needs of professional athletes and celebrities to a broad based wealth management firm.

What distinguishes STARCARE?

Today we distinguish ourselves and our services in a couple of important ways:

Independence. We remain an independently owned and managed wealth management firm primarily serving individuals and families. Our independence is essential; it means we have the freedom to choose only those solutions that we believe are best suited for our clients.

Clients first. For you, that means we have no conflicts, no quotas to meet, no higher authority than you to satisfy. Our compensation is derived chiefly from the overall success and growth of our clients’ accounts, which avoids conflict and ensures that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Only one question matters: Is our recommendation in the best interest of our client?

Our Mission

Our Mission: to empower our clients through education and the discipline of planning to take control of their financial well-being, affording them the opportunity of a life of security and freedom that puts their dreams within reach.

Our Clients

We serve clients throughout the country, and are registered to provide investment and licensed to provide insurance services in more than 25 states. STARCARE specializes in dealing with the financial consequences of unexpected wealth. Our clients come from all walks of life – business owners, women, disabled individuals and their families. Their personal stories not only touch us, they also motivate us to do our best.

Personal Service, Delivered

  • Confidential and personalized strategies designed to suit individual goals, timeframe and risk tolerance
  • Broad diversification by asset class and style
  • Access to globally recognized, top-performing money managers
  • Conscientious portfolio monitoring, re-balancing
  • Detailed account statements and performance reports

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